NVMe SSD Storage + 1GB Ports with all VPS

Virtual Private Servers

Unleash the speed and power of your website with our next-generation VPS hosting. Benefit from optimum flexibility, unlimited bandwidth, and performance at an unbeatable price.

From just


Scalable, powerful and secure

Up to 16 vCPU Cores
Up to 32GB RAM
Up to 360GB SSD storage
Full Root Access
24/7/365 Support
99.999% uptime
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Reliable VPS hosting plans for businesses of all sizes

Big or small, website or application - we have a VPS configuration for you.




Save 50 %
1 CPU Core
20 GB NVMe SSD Storage
5 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Spark VPS



Save 50 %
2 CPU Core
40 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
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Save 40 %
2 CPU Core
40 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Radiate VPS



Save 40 %
3 CPU Core
80 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Blaze VPS



Save 40 %
2 CPU Core
80 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Flare VPS



Save 40 %
4 CPU Core
160 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Nova VPS



Save 40 %
8 CPU Core
240 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Kindle VPS



Save 40 %
16 CPU Core
360 GB NVMe SSD Storage
18 TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Dedicated IP
Full Root Access

*Promotional pricing is valid always. Plans renew at the same rate.

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Our VPS Infrastructure

Waseerhost's VPS hosting empowers developers, designers and system administrators to build without limits thanks to its impressive raw compute power, full root access and fully dedicated server resources.

1000 Mb/s Network
Our virtual private servers have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and fast website loading times thanks to their unrestricted high-speed connection line. Your visitors won't be concerned about unplanned downtime and will have a pleasant user experience.
SSD and Processing Power
A powerful server with the most recent Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD storage, and 512 GB of RAM powers each VPS. Any medium- or large-scale online project can be completed with this amount of processing power.
AI Powered Firewall
Our AI firewall adds an extra layer of security to your virtual private server by using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to analyse network traffic and stop malicious activity in real time.
Full Root Access
Purchase a VPS hosting plan to benefit from full root access. Control every aspect of the server hosting environment, make it your own, and keep an eye on all resources in real time.
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Make use of the most recent IP technologies to maintain secure and effective connections. You won't experience latency, networking, or blacklisting issues with our native /64 IPv6 block and IPv4 infrastructure.
Backups and Snapshots
Thanks to automated backups and manual live snapshots, you can quickly restore your Virtual Private Server, website, or applications within Couple of minutes.

Instant OS Setup for Your VPS Hosting

Need a specific OS ? You can install any .iso file by using the dedicated ILO/KVM interface from our servers.

More Power

Buy VPS Hosting That Gives You More Power

Your VPS hosting is the ideal answer to all of your website's requirements. You'll experience power, control, and flexibility with enduring performance.

Full Control and Flexibility

Whether you're hosting a single sizable website or a number of smaller ones, full root access enables you to customise the server environment to your requirements, including how you allocate resources.

High Performance

You have full access to the server's resources, including its CPU, RAM, and disc space. There's no need to be concerned about how the traffic on other websites might affect the functionality of your own.

Simple to Scale

Through your VPS web hosting control panel, you can easily switch to a different plan if your server environment requires more resources. No need to risk any downtime or transfer files.

Multiple Data Centers

Your VPS can be located in Finland, Germany, or the USA. No matter where you are, this ensures maximum reliability and minimal latency. The virtual private server that is most conveniently located for your target audience is the best one.

Pro Security

Your server will be safe thanks to BitNinja's full-stack server protection, integrated advanced DDoS protection, and dedicated IP. Our VPS platform's automated backups and live snapshots allow you to quickly restore your site in the event that it ever goes down.

Easy Server Management

All our VPS plans come with a user-friendly control panel for easy management. Keep track of the resources through the dashboard and make necessary adjustments.

Free Support

24/7 Live Support

Struggling? You can reach our hosting specialists through Live Chat at any time. No matter if this is your first time setting up or if there is a problem that needs to be fixed, we can help with any Shared Hosting needs that may come up. Contact us right away, and we'll help you with the web hosting process!


Maximum Extended Control

Trustworthy cPanel Shared web hosting that is extended to your client area and created to highlight the best features of your website. With all of our plans, a cPanel licence is included, and the majority of well-known web applications, including phpBB, Joomla, WordPress, and 450+ others, can be installed with just one click.


Simple, Affordable, Hosting You Can Trust

With WaseerHost, shared hosting is simple. Your performance expectations are sure to be surpassed thanks to our extremely fast Nvme servers and unmetered bandwidth. And you can deploy any shared server with WaseerHost in less than a minute, all for prices you'll love.

Fast & Cheap Web Hosting Plans
Question in mind?

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding responses regarding various aspects of WordPress website hosting.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that offers greater control and power than shared hosting. You get dedicated resources and root access thanks to the private partition technology on a physical server. With administrator access, you can freely control, customize, and configure your virtual server. VPS hosting is the perfect option for professionals who need flexibility and power for their projects. We offer unmanaged VPS services, so you will be responsible for all the work inside the server. However, WaseerHost takes care of the back-end, manages the physical servers, and guarantees speed, uptime, and stability.
Linux VPS is a virtual server optimized for the Linux operating system (OS), like Ubuntu and Centos. It provides dedicated resources for your website or application. Linux is the most popular OS for web hosting servers, so it has features that a web developer expects. As an open-source OS, Linux offers various benefits to users. It lets them access the source code and repair the vulnerabilities, ensuring the highest level of security. This OS also provides more processing power and capacity, which means that sites will load faster, improving the user experience. This is what you can expect from our Linux VPS hosting services.
VPS hosting is designed for online projects that need more power, control, and flexibility, such as resource-intensive websites, web apps, online game servers, and WordPress multisites. The VPS solution won’t require you to share CPU power, RAM, or disk space with other users, like when you use shared hosting. You get full root access that lets you install any supported operating systems and configure the server to set up a perfect server environment for your online projects. With Linux VPS, you can get even more features and controls since it’s an open-source operating system. All of this together is why a VPS host is generally suitable for more tech-savvy users.

Shared Hosting is great for small projects, such as personal blogs or portfolios. With a shared hosting account, you’ll share the server space and resources with other users. You won’t have access to the server settings, and other users’ activities can impact your site’s performance.

VPS Hosting provides greater freedom and performance for your online projects because each plan reserves a set amount of resources of the physical server. It also lets you create a custom server setup to suit your needs.

Although shared hosting is a more budget-friendly option, it’s much more limited regarding server resources and customization. It’s an excellent option for beginners or small-scale project owners.

However, if you’re looking for more power and flexibility, buy Linux VPS hosting. A virtual server with full root access and a dedicated IP address is simply a better choice.

A VPS is one of the multiple server instances on a single dedicated server. Meanwhile, a VDS (virtual dedicated server) is the only instance that takes up the entirety of the dedicated server. Both are dedicated hosting services that offer reserved server resources. VPS hosting is the perfect price-to-performance option for medium-to-large projects. Besides offering plenty of resources and control, it is more affordable than a VDS
To fully utilize the advantages of this type of hosting, technical expertise is a must. As a VPS hosting provider, we give full root access to our customers, allowing them to customize their virtual servers. Although we provide a user-friendly dashboard that helps simplify server management, it’s still a complicated job. Technical skills are required to take full advantage of virtual server hosting
Our VPS hosting is self-managed, so you will take care of your own virtual server. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to run it as you like. Refer to our tutorial base for all things related to virtual private servers, from server management to creating your WordPress website on a VPS platform. Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success team, which is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.
A self-managed service means the VPS host gives the users full control for configuring and managing their virtual server. It also implies that the provider does not offer additional maintenance services, so users must have the technical skills to use it to its full potential.
Yes. All our VPS services are securely partitioned, guaranteeing top-notch protection. They are protected by BitNinja, advanced DDoS protection, and other custom-built tools that monitor and safeguard our entire infrastructure.
Yes, your virtual private server hosting comes with a dedicated IP address. Therefore, you can reap benefits such as FTP access and domain-based email service.
Yes, you can. You can transform your VPS for many purposes, including a VPN server, web server, mail server, or game server. The beauty of the VPS hosting service lies in its unparalleled control over how you can manage your server and resources. As long as it doesn’t require modification of your VPS kernel and your server has sufficient memory to allocate, you will have no problems running any software applications, services, or modules.
The best time to upgrade to our VPS solutions is when shared hosting is no longer sufficient for your needs, and you’ve gained the technical knowledge to run a virtual server.
We have eight VPS plans currently available. If you need to upgrade your current VPS plan, simply go to your account dashboard and click “Upgrade”. It’s a quick process without any hassle or downtime.

yes we Provide Window VPS hosting as well. please see windows VPS Plans here

If you exceed your monthly bandwidth limit, the network speed will be limited to a maximum of 5 Mbps until it resets again.
One of our VPS hosting features (optional) is automated weekly backups. The latest backup will replace the one from the previous week. Alternatively, you can use the Snapshot tool on your VPS control panel to capture your current system and restore it in no time. If you need it more frequently, it’s also possible to order daily backups via the Snapshots & Backups page on your VPS dashboard.